A dog was waiting for his(or her) master in front of a supermarket. I stroked him speaking to him.He was calm and had peaceful eyes. When I stood up saying goodbye to him,he shake my hands as if he wanted to say not to be left alone. He did the same motion twice. And after this motion, he approached me more and more.He showed me dearness. I felt that we could do non-verbal communication. He made my inside warm. I was happy.
 In one book, scientificlly it was proved that people do communication by verbal communication(30%) and non-verbal communication(70%). For us non-verbal communication is very very important. Without words or under situation which we cannnot understand each language,we can do daily communication to some extent.
 As a reporter,I’m always thinking of how to reflect putting a special empahasis on non-verbal communication on writing or taking photos. For sending a message or expressing facts and feelings,I usually use languages and photos. Both of them are visual one. But we have five senses-sight,hearing,smell,taste and touch. I want to send what I caught by smeling,tasting and touching.