In Japan almost schoolyards there are planted many cherry trees. On the way to my nearest station,there is an elementary school and I took many photos there except the last one(a riverside view from a train).
Actually this is the first time for me to admire cherry blossoms. For a longtime I hated cherry blossoms. They have very diming color and it looks so sad for me. Once cherry branches were cutted off,never grow out from the same cut. I felt it so painful.
Japanease is sometimes compared to cherry blossoms. It indicates that they including me don’t act independently. I’m Japanease. There are possibilities that I’m seen with such a image. I hated to be seen in a category.
But now I could be changed myself to what I was hoped for longtime. Now I can say to everyone “Don’t put your image which already you have on me . Please communicate with me and feel what I am.”
So in this year, I really enjoyed cherry blossoms and understood fully why people wants to do “Ohanami”(a cherry blossom-viewing picnic).
I wish you also enjoy “Ohanami” through this blog and share merry moments.