One weekend, I had a very happy time in my freind’s house.
We did a lot of things. We had a potluck BBQ party, celebrate one of my freinds’ birthday, saw a DVD of their wedding, chatted a lot until 5:30 in the morning and did a drum circle by one of our folks who is a facilitator of drum circle.

They prepared a lot and cleared space for us.
For example they brought a lot of futons from their parents’ house to welcome us.
I imagine that they did a lot of tasks.

Thanks to that weekend, I could feel that I recaptured my new year’s vacation at once.
I really appreciate the warmth and intimacy of being with my freinds.

By the way, when you eat pan-fried noodles, please try to put grated radish on it.
It tasted great. It was beyond my imagination.