Here is “Genge(top)” and “Nodoguro(bottom)”.
Please buy it at this shop in Toyama.

After returning from Spain I have been annoyed with food.
For two weeks after returning from Spain, I couldn’t eat western food.
And even if it is Japanese food, when I sense bad energy from them, my body definetly refuses them.
It made me unhealthy and made me confused for the last month.

But I had some very fresh fish in Toyama, a city in the snowbelt area along the Sea of Japan. They were amazingly good. It reminded me of my old memories. I felt that my tongue remembered it clearly, not my brain but my tongue rememberd it.

When I was small, I preferred everyday Japanese food rather than sweets. For example I prefered fish and vegetables rather than sweets and snacks.

Now I feel that if the preparer’s love and passion are included and the ingredients are organic and fresh, the dishes are amazingly sweet and tasteful. When everything is aligned, I feel that I eat life not lifeless food. Sometimes I feel that food I order or buy is like animal feed. I could imagine that the fishermen in Toyama were proud of their profession and they loved their land. To me, that made the fish have good taste. The taste was sweeter than regular sweets.

It was a very good thing that my tongue remembered my old memories.