In Japan, we experienced a tsunami and a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and we experienced aftershocks for 10 months. Here is a Japan earthquakes 2011 visualization map,you may imagine how it was. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evqzhhl4ld0&feature=related 2012 would be a wonderful year for great surfers, metaphorically speaking. Some people who experienced disasters or political or economical change, they will realize that they were celebrated by the Universe because they could get opportunities to practice to be a great surfer.

Charles Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change.” His famous words is a illuminating tip for enjoying 2012.

When you are in the rushing river, you clearly need to know your focus point. If you focus on what you cannot control or what you cannot do, you will feel that you drifted without any goals. Otherwise if you keeps on focusing on what you can control or what you can do, you will enjoy swimming in the rushing river and you may use that huge energy positively for your right action.

Please find your inner secret passion and hold it tightly. It will lead you to the right action which the Universe celebrates. Please have the courage to be true to yourself. That courage supports you to make your ambition real.

Also please cultivate an extended family around you. If you want to sparke like a star, staying with honest friends is the earliest way to reach your goal. Because people will be your mirror. They may reveal your blind spots in a gentle way. You can transform yourself within your community quickly. Everything comes back like a boomerang.

And especially please be a giver not a taker. If you give, give and give generously and without sacrificing your integrity, you will be a rich surfer. If you find anything positive, please share it generously with those you love. If you can find what you can do, please use your power for others without self-martyrdom.

Lastly, I will give you one tip which makes your energy flow good within 15 seconds.

1. Place your palms together, spread out your fingers like priests do.
2. Feel the warmth of your right hand on your left hand fully.
3. Feel the warmth of your left hand on your right hand fully.
4. And please hold that position for ten seconds.

I am always ready to support you to be a great surfer via coaching.