I saw some kind of special glasses to see the sun in book stores. On May 21st, we will enjoy the solar eclipse.

As you know, we cannot look directly at the sun. We see the sun through colors which are created by the light’s reflection. Something which reflects light, has some colors which cannot be absorbed. What that something excludes will be its color. Exclusion means reflection. If you apply it to yourself, you will get a new perspective about you and the world. What are you excluding now? In other words, what are you reflecting now? That is you and why you are yourself. Please pay attention to what you exclude. And also you need to show up. Because if you are in your ego, you cannot exclude and reflect anything. Metaphorically speaking, you never see your door key color in the darkness. Colors need light like the sun, to exist. If you have something to exclude, that is who you are. That is your color. And every single color has reason to exist. Everyone stands for every single color which consists of this world.

In my workshop, I will be the sun. Because you need the sun to reveal your colors. Exclusion and the sun creates this colorful world. If you want to be the sun, you will be in the darkness like outer space. Outer space absorbs everything about the sun. Absorption means inclusion. In the real world, if you are living like the sun, you are not be interested in any kind of feedback or reactions. Because to get them, you need to exclude something. And it means that you are not the sun. As the sun, I will invite you to my workshop space to reveal this world.