Sharpen your sense of beauty.

What is the opposite word of beauty for you? I assume that each of you have a different answer like a piece of puzzle. For me, the opposite word of beauty is shame or stigma.

And this is just a part of what we did in my workshop, “Beautiful Leader”, on July 21st. We tried to sharpen our sense of beauty in 4 hours. Because the sense of beauty leads us to the right decision for all beings.

When we are in chaos, we can ask ourselves “What is the most beautiful choice ?” If we sharpen our sense of beauty, we can make the right decision more efficiently. To brush up your sense of beauty now, I would love to share Mother Teresa’s words as follows.

Life Is  by Mother Theresa

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

Having a sense of beauty will protect you too. Please enjoy your journey in sharpening your sense of beauty.