Have you ever stubbed your toe on something? You probably had difficulty running because of this very small part of your body. Even if it is a very small part of your body, it effects all your thoughts, emotions and actions. We never realized how important a little toe could be.

When we stub our little toe on something, we are not in this moment. When we are not in this moment, we don’t use our five senses fully. When we use our five senses fully, all functions of our body activate fully. When our thoughts are limited or we are trapped in an emotion, your body functions do not activate. It means that you are not living in this moment.

When you are in a muggy morning, when you are in trouble, when you need to decide something very important quickly, when you are facing a critical situation in your life, that is the time to be a magician. If you live in this moment, you may go through these situations at your best. You may find hidden gifts in these difficult situations. All of us have the ability to live in this moment. It helps us to surrender.

When you are in a different culture, that magic supports you to powerfully communicate from a loving place.