Palomares Hydrogen Bombs Incident reminds us of internal radiation exposure as a global issue.

In 1966, an American bomber which had four hydrogen bombs collided with another plane over Palomares in the south of Spain. Two of them exploded on the ground near Palomares. A two kilometer square area was contaminated with a highly toxic radioactive substance. The U.S. partially decontaminated the area. Recently, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation found that 50,000 cubic meters of land is still contaminated with highly toxic radiation. This means there is a high risk to stay in this area because the inhabitants cannot escape from internal radiation exposure under this situation.

Here are the details.

Internal radiation exposure is a serious issue for people in Japan, even if a majority are still in denial. About two years after something serious happens the media usually stops reporting it. And we start to forget it. In Japan, even though almost three years have passed, nothing has been fundamentally resolved regarding nuclear power and the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.

Some Japanese, including me, study internal exposure. As I study this, I realize that this is a global issue that includes you. Especially after World War 2, many countries did nuclear testing without informing the public. We have over 430 nuclear power plants on Earth. Many small accidents happens without being reported in the media.

We are a part of the Earth. We are a part of the food chain. I know it’s not a fun topic, but please learn about internal exposure to protect your life. And please stop nuclear power plants in your country. If we can stop all nuclear power plants on Earth on Christmas Day, how would the Earth feel? How would you feel as a part of the Earth?