Have you ever felt inconvenience when you upgraded your PC or mobile phone and synced your data? Technology brings uncertain conveniences.

For example, I write my blog with using wordpress.com which has an app for the iPhone. I especially write Japanese posts using that app with SIRI. This helps me to blog daily. But my iPhone sometimes freezes. These freezes rob me of all iPhone functiones including the simple phone function. While it freezes, I face the reality that I obtained uncertainty also known as convenienve by taking my money and time. It’s ridiculous.

When we were invited to the computer world, most of us dreamed of getting more free time and saving money through convenience. In reality, we always have to face new computer viruses and hurried emails which masquerade as emergencies. It takes time to back up data and use money to get an antivirus software every year in the name of risk control. Some people reply to our emails, “I’m sorry for not writing back sooner.” But open the box, that person replies to senders in two hours. This is absurd.

When we got mobile phones, we imagined that we didn’t need to have home phones. But gmail and wordpress.com often requires two types of telephone numbers to authenticate us. Now we need a home phone number again. Is this really convenience?

I am shifting my life towards certainty. I say goodbye to a fake convenient world.