I have taken back subtlety into my body. In other words, I have transformed my body to a body which can realize wholeness as an actual feeling not as an abstraction. For example, our skin feels the cold, even though we don’t see it. And we feel gravity, even though it is invisible.

So my inner clock has been totally changed. I feel as if time is warping around me. Or I feel as if time is elastic and I can change it. This does not happen in my brain, it has happened in reality. This is very similar to acknowledge gravity. Many people feel gravity but most of them don’t acknowledge it. But some of them recognize it, so they find it.

Anyway I started to feel that I needed another time which is not based on Greenwich Mean Time. I sensed that another kind of clock would help me. Somehow I found an clock iPhone app which is based on the temporal hour. Here it is:http://goo.gl/dOLJn9




From the 16th Century to 1872, people lived based on the temporal hour in Japan. The daytime is always divided into six from sunset to sunrise in a temporal hour regardless of the seasons. Nighttime is always divided into six from sunrise to sunset in a temporal hour regardless of the seasons.

Therefore, a daytime hour is different from nighttime hours every season. For example, on the Summer Solstice, a daytime hour is two hours and forty minutes and a nighttime hour is one hour and twenty minutes. On the Winter Solstice, the daytime hour is one hour and fifty minutes and the nighttime hour is two hours and ten minutes.

According to the temporal hour, the length of daytime and nighttime is always changing. And I feel this system fits me more than conventional timekeeping. I think that this system helps us have a body which is a part of the Earth more easily.

This app can ring a bell like in the old days. I hope that this system also helps you to connect with the wisdom in your body.