Know your body.

I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine little by little. It shows us many easy daily useful points.

For example, do you sometimes wake up late at night for no reason? If you eat dinner at around 8 o’clock, your liver starts working six hours later. If you sometimes wake up around 2 o’clock, it means that you need to take care of your liver. And if you sometimes wake up around 4 o’clock, you need to take care of your lungs.

As you can see, each organ works at a different time. When you use Chinese medicine, you need to choose an appropriate time to use it.

Here are the times when organs especiallly go to work.

・Liver 1-3am.
・Lungs 3-5am.
・Colon 5-7am.
・Stomach 7-9am.
・Spleen 9-11am.
・Heart 11am-1pm.
・Small intestines 1-3pm
・Bladder 3-5pm.
・Kidneys 5-7pm.

For example, when you usually cough at around 6pm, it is worth to check your kidneys. As I began to know the body better, I started to feel that the body is like an amusement park. Our body is one of the most pleasant things on Earth.

Please get to know your body directly. It tells you a lot more than any media. Your gut feelings give you better information than experts.