Have you heard of Sudoku? It is a puzzle of numbers. I didn’t used to like puzzles and numbers. But after I started to work as a coach, I knew I wasn’t using all of my brain functions.

While I was working in a company, both fortunately and unfortunately, I needed to use more of my brain functions. Because I needed to do my work even if I did not like it. Sometimes I had no choice.

But now, I can escape from what I don’t like. And strategically I put my energy into what I am good at and love. Becuase that is an efficent way to develop my business.

And now I feel that I mostly do what I am good at and what I love. So now is a good time to use more of my brain. That is why I started Sudoku. On the first day, it made me irritated. But on the second day, I could finish it quicker than the first day. On the third day, I felt it was a lot of fun.

I sometimes intentionally put my energy into what I don’t like or what I am bad at to widen myself. Now I love Sudoku. If you are a sole proprietor, I recommend it to develop yourself.