When we go somewhere, we usually remember its place name.  For example, we usually refer to a place like the Nara Palace Site as the Nara Palace Site.

But interestingly, when I go there I remember it as the 8th Century, the Nara Period, when the Nara Palace Site was constructed.

The other day, on my birthday, I went to Toji temple which is deeply related to Kukai whom I mentioned in another post. And when I left my home, I thought that I went to the Heian Period in which Kukai lived. I didn’t recall that I went to the modern Toji temple on that day.

If you see this page: http://www.nabunken.go.jp/heijo/pdf/heijo_panf_en.pdf , you will learn about many palace sites around Kyoto. And my house is located in the middle of those palaces. So currently I have plans to go some period not some place on my days off.

Have you ever planned your days off like I have? This will happen to you through my coaching with your long-term effort.