How do you keep yourself inspired and inspirational?

Tuning yourself to become or try to become as whole as possible and keeping your creativity alive are very important for leaders.

What kind of leader do you think you are?

Even if you don’t run a company or you are not called a leader by someone, it is necessary to awaken our leadership to recall who we are.

Basically, I reserve one week a month to be inspired and inspirational.  During these times, I  sometimes go somewhere, and at other times, I change my habits into more appropriate ones to inspire myself more.

Also I spend almost six hours to become more inspirational every day. Usually, I plan six hours for sparking inspiration the next day before I go to bed.

Many people are struck by inspiration in bathtubs or beds. Your body relaxing time always contributes to both tuning yourself to become whole and keeping yourself inspirational and be inspired.

Warm clothes, natural sounds, a clean room, energetically balanced foods, slowing down, pausing deeply and body work also will help you to be whole and inspirational.