Some will answer that it is definitely death. Some will answer it is what others think about them. If your answer is one of these two, your hope will be a sort of like having something delicious with loved ones or having a better life. And you are still discovering your life purpose. I suppose that your life purpose is not clear now. You will often confound the means with the end. That is, with near certainty, your current life stage.

But if you have already set your life purpose and live for that, you will be most afraid that your life purpose hasn’t been achieved or that you gave it up for some reason. Having something delicious with loved ones or having a better life are lovely. But they are just a part of the means to accomplish a bigger life purpose.

Even if you fail to overcome many difficulties, you can succeed in fulfilling your mission which are actions for accomplishing your life purpose. We sometimes mix weathering storms and carrying out your mission as if they are the same. When you open the box, they are just different.

If you commit to your life purpose, you don’t want to be brought down by quick profits and temptations. You will always have clear priorities to do something in your mind for realizing your life purpose.

Please ask yourself, “What are you most afraid of?”, again and again. Your answer shows where you are. And remmber that the ability to set your life purpose and fulfill it are given only for humans on Earth. Life purpose will support you to transcend your ego. Use this ability for all living things on Earth.