When you think too much. your head and neck holds tension. It sometimes create an ulcer. Have you ever imagined such a relationship between your head and stomach? But it is true.

Both putting your hands up and down and rocking your head back and forth are deeply related to the tension in your head. Many of you can feel it easily after sitting all day at your desk at work.

The tension in your head creates the tension in the first lumbar. The tension in the first lumbar make the fifth lumbar retract which is related to the Achilles tendon. So the Achilles holds it tension as if it became shorter, and we start to tiptoe.

Now can you easily imagine organic linkings in your body? Metaphorically speaking, the same thing can be observed in our human society which is like our whole body. We divide the world into two, victim and victimizer. But its perspective is against the natural providence that our bodies express.

When you think too much, please feel your body and connect with the natural providence in your body. Your body leads you to the right place and the right idea for all.