Your knee tells you…

Our knees have a deep relationship with our third lumbar which controls twisting motion. The third lumbar is the center of your urinary system. So, for example, when we notice a swelling of our body, a twisting motion helps us to reduce swelling in our body. And as we get older, our knees protrude.

From another side, knees protrudes when our respiratory system is weak like when we have asthma. When our respiratory system is weak, we have a tendency to be off kilter. So if your knees protrude, you get more possibilities to be off balance more easily than before.

If you strongly hit your knee, it may have some influence on your urinary and respiratory organs. If you take care of your knees, with, for example, aroma therapy, you may get healthier urinary and respiratory organs.

Your knees tell you a lot more than you imagine. Don’t you think so?