I saw a Japanese movie titled “Paper Moon”. It described fake freedom and happiness very well. A heroine embezzles money from bank customers. She feels that money is just paper. For her that was evidence of the sham of money.

The tens of millions of Japanese yen that she stole, brought her misery. The truth is money is fake in a way, and such paper can never guide you to true freedom and happiness.

When she steps into a fake happy and free world, she feels that she can erase the moon. Because in a fake happy and free world, the moon exists as a fake one.

She used tens of millions of Japanese yen in unconventional ways, but essentially nothing changed. What is even worse, she made her real world miserable.

I know that most people spend their life worshiping money which is a faceless master. Most people surrender themselves to money. And it surely guides them to a place of misery after tasting fake freedom and happiness.