I saw an awesome movie “Bridge of Spies” directed by Steven Spielberg. This work definitely fills us with courage.

The story is based on a real story which happened to an insurance lawyer. He accepted a job to take the case of a Soviet spy during the height of the Cold War. It is just the beginning of his new path; his next job was exchanging the previously mentioned spy with an American spy as a neutral third party.

He is very loyal to his job as a lawyer. And he is very loyal to his client as a human. He never loses sight of the whole picture.

His decision to serve as counsel for the Soviet spy creates many ripples like accusations against him, threats against his family and the weak-kneed law firm to which he belongs. But he always knows where he stands. He never loses sight of the many intersecting perspectives. He always knows what is most important.

The Soviet spy describes him as a “standing man,” the sign of loyalty to him as his client and respect as a person. Even under a very complicated and delicate situation, they developed an authentic friendship.

On the bridge where they swapped spies, the lawyer also demanded an American student who was caught in East Germany. The CIA just wanted to focus on the spies, so he was pushed to make a compromise. The CIA also pushed the Soviet spy to walk on the bridge to take advantage of this big opportunity. But the Soviet spy followed the lawyer’s decision. That Soviet spy just looked into his eyes and said, “standing man,” as if it was the secret word to open a new gate.

I think the cooperation between this lawyer and the Soviet spy allows us to see a higher level of humanity. They transcended ego and all kinds of social and political pressure and just stood their ground for a greater good. This amazing adapted true story shows us the key to creating positive peace under any kind of situation.