Under my nephews’ influence, I begin to take an interest in science and art again. When I was a student I sometimes needed to take more time and study them at my pace. For example, I remember that calculus was so beautiful but I fell into desperation attempting to solve the equations. I felt strongly drawn to math and science and at the same time they were like an iron wall to me.

Fortunately, we can find many comic books about math and science. Currently, I am reading two comic books titled “Math Girls” and “Why About Human Body”.

These books gave me many small steps which were lacking in my study. I feel that these books help me to understand these subjects better. I also bought a small human skeleton which also gives me some small steps to understand the human body in detail.

When I was a high school student, I pushed myself to solve problems to pass an examination. But now I can enjoy math and science at a relaxing pace. This is one way of giving happiness to myself.