Some smokers understand the risk of passive smoking and the impact of smoking on health. And they try to stop smoking. If they can stop smoking easily, they think that they stopped it through willpower.

But smoking is deeper than they think. All addiction issues including smoking is deeply related to the relationship between you and your father. When you have a weak bond between you and your father, you always have some predisposition towards such as addiction inside of you. And when something happens in your reality, your issue will be exposed and you start smoking for short-term survival.

I don’t recommend smoking even if you are in a tough situation, because you can make healthier choices to move forward towards living rather than smoking. And usually these issues come from before your father like your grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather. If the predisposition towards addiction in your family tree is not strong, you may resist through your willpower and it will be successful. But if it exists as a very strong tendency in your family tree, it will be harder to resist it.

One of the easiest things you can do to resist this is to get some male teachers and make friends who are very reliable. If you can feel that they stand behind you like your father, then you make a successful choice. You need to find many such people to be healthy and happy.

Most addiction issues are not your fault. In most cases, it is because of some dynamic movements in your family tree. If you have some addiction issue, you need to stop blaming yourself as if your willpower is weak. What you need to do is to make a family tree going back many generations to understand such movements with some professional support. After you stop smoking, I can also help you.