If lacking imagination stops you, you totally lose your inner power. Because that means that you stopped thinking by yourself.

Do you know what the magic is to making everything real? Even if the situation seems impossible or full of lies, when you resonate with it, it turns real. After you feel it is real, you make decisions based on those images. In other words, you forget to think.

The key to advertisements or PR is making people stop thinking quickly. Profiteers want to control your attention to get more profits or construct a good reputation. For that, they try to shut up what you really want subconsciously. If people have an image of peace towards one country, people in that country believe that they are living in a peaceful world, even if they watch wars on TV shows or see screaming voices for help on social media.

And you are totally trained in this way. You start to think that lack of imagination stops you, so you need more images of everything. You start to believe that images cause actions. But this is far from the truth. And the costs are very high, so we have many issues in this world.