Complain or Appreciate?

Healthy boundaries between us sometimes flip the seeds of complaining to appreciation. Recently, I bought some supplements from Germany. They should have been in a water-proof box, but they arrived like a wet soccer ball. The box lost its original square shape and instead became round because of the moisture.

I knew it was caused by the shipping company and not that shop. And also because I had never experienced it in the 10 years since I had started to use that shop. And their attitude had been always very sincere and heart-warming. So I did not complain and instead I just tried to share the situation with the shop. I fear that such accidents would be bad for their business and I hope that that shop stays in business.

Their reply was exceptional. They wrote three clear points; what they can do, what they want to do, what they should do. It was crystal clear that the person who wrote to me had healthy boundaries. I was amazed at their response. Through our few e-mails I felt respect for them and learned a lot about expressing healthy boundaries. I fully appreciate them and am honored to know them.

If we can have healthy boundaries between us, we can easily feel appreciation for each other. I felt that I could see a possible future for human society.