After I moved to Nabari, I have been amazed at aliveness in nature. My images of insects and animals were kicked away.

For example, I saw many butterfries at one time after sunrise. It looked like a field of flowers made of butterflies. I heard that 40 minutes before sunrise the amount of oxygen increases in the air, because plants start to produce oxygen after dawn. In the daytime, I saw a butterfly flying vertically while upright. That was very powerful to see and far from my impression of them as cute and fluffy. How alive it was!

On another day, I was taking a video of mountains from my balcony. To do so, I stretched my arms into the sky. It was a transitional time for insects. Some insects rush home. At the same time, other insects wake up. At that time, a moth hit my hands. It felt very soft as if it was sleepy. It flew from side to side but it never strayed from its path. I also felt aliveness in the darkness. For some beings, evening means staying home and calming down. For other beings, evening means going out and being active.

During the night, frogs sing and their voices become louder and louder as it becomes darker and darker. I can hear their voices from April to November. Their voices reach out to me as if their sounds are massaging me. Many people imagine the countryside as a silent place, but in fact, it is full of sounds which demonstrate aliveness.