When it is hot, we feel thirsty. Thirst directly relates to our life maintenance. So we tend to fear thirst. And to prevent our body from approaching death, our fear sometimes pushes us to drink water excessively. For example, drinking too much water causes edema. In short, both too much water and dehydration can be fatal.

But interestingly, when something is excessive in our life, we tend to feel relaxed. Because most of us believe that too much is much better than too little. So most of us believe that a shortage of food is a big problem, but excessive food is just a small issue. Thinking like this, some people feel they have achieved something when they amass garbage.

Back to the water issue, when you feel thirsty, please try to drink water very slowly. Before swallowing water, please try to keep water in your mouth for at least a few seconds. If you gulp water quickly, your brain cannot comprehend it. So you will drink water excessively.

And this also symbolizes your life situation. When we focus on lacking something, we feel anxiety, insecurity and fear. It makes us do something excessive. When we feel lack, there is a possibility that something is simply excessive. When we feel thirsty, our body heat is high. When you feel a lack in your life, it is worth trying to reduce something excessive in your life. Decreasing something is also a path to find the way.