When the temperature increases to over 30℃ in the Spring, usually it happens suddenly. At that time, we have very dirty air as if we are living in a vacuum cleaner. There are no exceptions to this weather pattern.

On such a day, I usually need some complicated procedure as I will now describe. Firstly, I close my curtains to block out the heat. Spending time in a dark place feels uncomfortable, so I need to find other solutions. But I cannot use the air conditioner because it draws in dirty air from outside. So sometimes I escape from my room and go near the ocean. Where I live is like a bowl, surrounded on all sides by mountains. This place holds dirty air and we need strong winds and rain to blow and wash it away.

Secondly, I open windows and sprinkle water on my balcony, after the sun sets behind the mountain. It is a nice attempt to decrease the room temperature but I absolutely need to wear a mask to protect myself from dirty air. And also I use my air purifier at maximum level until the room temperature decreases.

Thirdly, I close the windows and wipe my floor with a damp cloth. Finally, I can feel comfortable. And to decrease body heat, I usually drink Japanese green tea which can decrease my body heat to feel more comfortable.

We have created the environmental situation on Earth. And it costs a lot of energy to do this. We consciously need to use our energy for true important things in our life. If we don’t do it, we will have a more stressful life and complicated actions to maintain our life.