In Australia, there are few accommodating environments for insects. So many insects gather in the same areas. They coexist in small areas. That is why we can find many more parasitic insects and insects that mimic than other areas on Earth.

We think that we are the highest on the food chain. But interestingly, parasitic insects don’t have fixed positions on the food chain. Without them, we can be the highest on the food chain. And parasites are the highest on fhe food chain, because they cannot live without their host.

I think that we can find something analogous in our human society. For example, magazines feature how to mimic celebrities at a lower cost. “Even if you use these cheap things, you will be seen as sophisticated and stylish like celebrities.” This is mimicry. And the “parasite single”, someone who is dependent on their parents well into adulthood, is a social issue in Japan.

Just like insects, we can say that we need more accommodating environments on Earth, so that we don’t hoard limited space and we can learn to co-exist.