Unintentional Small Steps Bring Us Something Good

This summer I made Japanese plum syrup which helps us deal with hot and humid summers because of its sweet and sour taste. Afterwards, six Japanese plums were left over. I searched for the easiest way to use those green Japanese plums. We cannot eat them raw because they are poisonous. And the easiest way to cook them was putting them in a enamel pot which can withstand acid and pickle them with miso paste. After that we just need to wait for a few months.

I drank all of the Japanese plum syrup during summer time, but the time to eat the plum miso had come. They were a totally new taste for me. And for sour food lovers like me, it was absolutely delicious and widened the range of my cooking. This was like a gift from the past.

The beginning was just preserving them with a minimum effort. But it created small steps like making Japanese plum miso, And it took under a minute. But it brought a lot of joy and opened up a new world unintentionally and unexpectedly.

In our life, sometimes something is extra. But if we try to preserve it, it will be the start of something good.