Low Impact Walking

These days I walk every two or three days to gain physical strength. It is fun and easy for me. I love walking a lot, but each time I walk only 90 to 120 minutes to avoid injury, which I experienced last September.

This past September I realized that I needed to use specific aroma oils like wintergreen or lavandin for loosening my muscles, in addition to stretching after walking. After I walked over 3 hours, I felt that I wanted to walk more because of the adrenaline rush. So I need to use aroma oils like marjoram for calming down my nervous system.

After November, I started to walk for the sake of walking. In September, I sometimes stopped for shopping while on a walk. It gave me some fresh moments. But buying some squashes, some potatoes, some apples and many kinds of vegetables were too heavy to enjoying walking. It was a wake up call. So now I walk for the sake of walking. If I use this opportunity to buy some vegetables, I buy only light vegetables like spinach, mustard greens and celery.

Unexpectedly, my carefree walking habit increased my inner circulation. Nabari City had its first snow. But I use fewer blankets than before when I sleep. As if I were an elementary school student, I feel comfortably warm. Winter night yoga used to be hard for me because my body froze to my bones, but now after having night yoga for one hour, my body is still toasty warm.