What is breakfast to you?

What is the essence of breakfast to you? If you have a nice cup of tea, do you feel that you are having a nice breakfast? Or if you have a soft-boiled egg, do you feel that you ate a great breakfast?

For me, the essence of breakfast is salad. Even if I have a great cup of tea or a delicious baguette, it has a small impact on me. So almost every morning, I spend my time preparing my salad. Currently, one of my top two favorite salads consists of celery, boiled lotus root, boiled chicken and mushroom. The key to making this salad is using truffle salt.The scent of truffles harmonizes everything. My other current favorite salad is made of red onions, boiled lotus root, boiled taro root, red pepper and tomato. The key is using a Japanese citrus called “kabosu” instead of vinegar.

After I realized that salad is breakfast to me, I started to prepare all my dishes more carefully than before. I started to realize many differences between each ingredient. For example, I noticed that I can eat raw red onions even if I cannot eat regular raw onions.

One day I put the rest of a salad into some miso soup. It was delicious. I incorporate my leftover salads in many of my dishes now. Preparing salads has been an inspirational moment in my day.