Hopelessness Takes Hope.

Last week, I saw a movie, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” When I searched for movies near my house, I thought that I should check out this movie. So on the way to the theater I became a little bit nervous because shocking descriptions like “raped while dying” were used to describe the movie.

But my intituion was right! This movie is a kind of a black comedy reminiscent of Monty Python. It was very stylized. Using shocking topics, everything was well harmonized. Eccentricity was transformed into beauty through the whole story.

After I saw this movie, I thought that this was a heartwarming story different than the typical heartwarming story. Because this movie questioned and answered about forgiveness and moving forward in a very deep and real way. After that, amazingly we can reach hope,through hopelessness seeing this movie. And we can experience the miracle inside of us with a feeling of reality. We can go back home with hope.

In other words, this movie helps us to take back our dignity. Kant said, “Objects have values. Humans have dignity.” Our society treats us as objects. And even if superficially it is hopeless, we can flip hopelessness into hope like this movie shows, and it means that humans can take back humanity.