Lemonade Without Lemon

I have been walking every three or two days. But hay fever season is coming soon. And I need more alternatives for midsummer days and strong rainy days.

So to search for more options, I decided to put more pressure on myself. So that I could clearly know my plan to reach the next level. During that week, I decided to swim for the first time in four years.

Near my house, there is a swimming pool which has produced many Olympic medalists. That pool is known for high quality water. I distanced myself from swimming pools because of the bad quality of water which made me nauseous. But swimming is one of the best ways of improving my physical strength. If I restart swimming, it would be very beneficial for me.

On Sunday afternoon, that swimming pool is opened for non-members. So I went to that swimming pool in high spirits. But unfortunately, it was closed. I had already worn my swimsuit under my clothes.

Out of need, I changed my plan. I started to walk for over 90 minuites wearing my swimsuit. It was so funny. What I learned was wearing a swimsuit was warmer than I felt in the water. I wore few pieces of clothing, including my swimsuit from my house, but it was enough for a 90 minute walk. And also I could walk at a different time than usual. So I could realize spring was here in the daytime. After 3 pm, it felt like winter again. But around noon, kittens were walking and it was totally spring.

I keep on searching for more options, and the most important thing was that unrealized things can also be a resource.