I went to an exposition of Vincent Van Gogh in Kyoto. Actually I don’t know him so well. I don’t dislike “Sunflowers” which is one of most famous his work, but I felt it was clouded and murky.

While I saw his works in the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, I was attracted to his self-portrait which was drawn in his last days in Paris. In my eyes, that self-portrait was the most purified and gentle. According to captions in the museum, he did not have a good life at that time. Buf I felt that he unintentionally reached what he wanted to draw.

“Sunflowers” was drawn in Arles where he lived after Paris. Generally some works which were drawn in Arles receive high praise. But I felt that he already lost his balance, meaning he could not use suffering and pain to ennoble himself.

I saw his dignity and ennoblement in his last days in Paris. And also I believe that his works still ennoble someone’s soul beyond time.