A Beautiful Way of Life

I finally visited my great-great-grandparents’ grave in Himi City, Toyama. It took almost six hours each way. But It was worth it. In fact it was very fulfilling and more fantastic than I imagined.

I met my great-grandfather’s older brother’s grandson, my great-grandfather’s older brother’s great-grandson, and his wife. They are in the main branch of my family and will be the last because their daughter get married. But my great-grandfather’s older brother’s grandson still has the look of my great-great-grandfather, so it made me feel that I had already met him. His eyes and his way of standing was very similar to my great-great-grandfather. My great-grandfather’s older brother’s grandson was already over eighty. But his posture was very beautiful and hale like fifty. It was very impressive.

They welcomed me as if we had already met, with an open and warm heart. They took me to a Japanese restaurant and I ate a full-course fish meal. We spent a long time having lunch like the Spanish or Italians do. And all the fishes were so sweet and melted in my mouth, because it was very fresh and mindfully cooked. Everything I did there was a deeply healing experience as if I became free of vague tension. I felt deep relief which was similar to the moments before dozing off.

I was also glad to know that my relatives lived in a clean way and in harmony with nature. They were humble and proud of where they grew up. I could see lands in which my ancestors had lived since the Edo era. It was a truly profound and palpable experience as if I could touch my roots. It made me relax. Also the fact that they had been good stewards to their land since the Edo era filled me with appreciation. I could see the beauty in their way of life through getting in touch with my roots.