The Joy of Buying One Egg at a Time

Finally, I went to an organic farmer’s market which is only open on Tuesday mornings. For that, I bought a big perfect waterproof backpack in Tokyo. I did not want to miss a rare opportunity for any weather.

I have used a variety of organic shops since 2010. But i have had a sense of discomfort recently, because most shops carry many vegetables and fruit that were grown far away, which requires lots of time and money. Driving a car kills ten million insects until its owner junks it. Even if I focus on this fact, it is enough to make me uneasy.

So I went there on foot. On the way home, I got some strength exercise by carrying my big backpack full of vegetables. It cost zero yen and produced no gas exhaust. I saw many butterflies on the way there, but I didn’t kill any insects. Heaviness is an abundance of life. It has a very different meaning than lifting dumbbells.

When I arrived there, I was surprised at two things. The first surprise were the prices. It was more than half off than shopping in organic shops. For example, two bamboo shoots cost 150 yen. In a department store, it will cost around 1,500 yen. The second surprise was about the eggs. I could buy eggs one at a time. This was a big joy for me. I usually eat four eggs a month. But packaged eggs contains six eggs at minimum. I tried many ways to preserve eggs, but it always annoyed me somehow.

Now I can scale down that part of my life to fit me. I can live in harmony with nature more than before. No more packaged eggs. And no more valuing organic vegetables for their trendiness.