Like Chewing Gum

I found something on my balcony wall in the mid-April. It was like chewing gum which someone spit out on the ground and after that someone stepped on it. I wondered about it, but I did nothing.

Today I saw a paper wasp circling around it as if it became a clock hand touching its head on it. At first, I thought that maybe it was sticky so a paper wasp was caught on it. I tried to help it to get away from it. But it showed no signs of leaving. Next, it seemed that a paper wasp started to bite it from many directions. So I thought that it wanted to take it away for some reason.

After one hour, I saw the same paper wasp come back on it and stay there again. I started to doubt my previous thoughts. And I had another idea like it was making its nest. It is summer weather in spring, so I wanted to stay inside. But if it were a nest, I needed to go out in my balcony with a piece of tissue paper and deal with it. It was not a flattened chewing gum anymore. It was a three-dimensional one. Yes, it was obviously a part of a nest. It was a kind of a hook which susupended its nest. I took it away with a piece of tissue paper quickly and washed away my balcony wall with water.

After a few minutes, the same paper wasp came back to where its past partial nest was. It seemed annoyed and searched for it persistently. Amazingly it remembered where it was precisely. It came back again and again and searched for it pertinaciously.

The nest was near mustard green flowers. Maybe it was one of the best places for the wasp. It is safe and very near their food. I knew that many paper wasps live near my house. So I often check under the eaves. But the place a paper wasp starts to make its nest was in the middle of a wall, 30cm from the balcony floor. It was totally in a blind spot.
Anyway I was lucky to witness how paper wasps make its nest.