Broad Perspective

Last December, I went to an eyeglass shop which I have used since my childhood. A shop clerk, Mr.X straightened my glasses, so I was impressed by his skills. He knows the products well. I decided to buy a new pair of frames. But after I complimented him, he suddenly started to speak about his career background in a boastful manner. In short, his sickening arrogance made me decide not to deal with him again.

This April, I went there again to replace my lenses which depends on a prescription from an ophthalmic clinic. I carefully look around for a shop clerk who did not look arrogant, boastful and pushy. I found one man who was quiet and centered. I walked towards him single-mindedly. His customer service was far away from an attitude of obtrusiveness. Though he suggested many plans and ideas they appropriate for my needs. I could inhale and exhale in front of this person, so eventually I decided to buy prescription sunglasses, too.

While waiting for my sunglasses, it happened. Mr.X found me, and offered to clean up and fix my old glasses. After he did it immediately, the previous clerk was still working on fixing my sunglasses. So Mr.X approached me and checked my prescription and put down the ophthalmic clinic. And when the previous clerk showed up, Mr.X darted away. I thought that he went beyond his authority and I felt uncomfortable.

So I asked the first clerk about him, because I thought that maybe Mr.X was his boss. In fact, Mr.X who was around 50 years old was his subordinate. The first clerk was the head of this shop. He kept his broad perspective and behaved in humility. He knows the products well but he never makes a display of his knowledge. He never take my time by speaking about things which I did not need. Mr.X had doggedly pushed some products and it helped to stay passionate about his work, but it make his perspective narrow and crack. While he was checking my prescription, I blatantly showed discomfort, but he could not realize it, because he only saw how he behaved and got intoxicated by his self image.

Anyway, it is crystal clear to say, the person who can be the head can have a broad perspective in any profession or any world.