Ancient Wheat

Last December, I came across an online bakery shop. I just wanted to eat delicious bread which is hard to get in my area, so I kept on mindlessly clicking around the web. But this was the first step to be lucky.

This bakery shop is dedicated to the art of baking bread. They are always researching about bread making including using obscure kinds of wheat. I first heard about spelt wheat in a letter from the bakery which was included in the shipment. I then learned about einkorn wheat, a primitive grain, which is rare. They made spelt wheat bread and einkorn bread. Both spelt wheat and einkorn wheat have different genomes than modern wheat which can be a source of allergies. Modern wheat was developed based on our greedy eating habits.

Anyway, I could tell that the two ancient kinds of wheat tasted differently than the usual modern wheat before knowing the facts given above. To me, modern wheat bread never seemed substantial. So instead, I ate sticky rice cake for breakfast. But both of the ancient wheat stick to my stomach the same as sticky rice or sticky rice cake. When I eat polished rice, sometimes I also felt the same thing, so I mix sticky rice and polished rice.

In short, ancient wheat makes satisfies us in small amounts. And its taste is substantial and vibrant, so I don’t need butter, jam, honey or other condiments. Tasting that bread feels abundant. Mindlessly clicking around the web created a domino effect of luck to settle my stomach.