Frogs are Coming Back!

In my area, frogs have started to sing after the middle of March. The number of frogs will be increasing until around October. And they will stop singing in November. So for me, luckily, I can enjoy frogs’ voices for over half a year.

And from May or June to September or October, usually two or three frogs stay in my balcony every year. So I was looking forward to seeing this year’s frogs. And today they showed up! One of the reasons is that tomorrow is rainy weather.

Especially during the rainy season, many frogs jump on the road in my area. It is also one of the seasonal joy for me. Frogs help me to prepare for the rainy season and feel coolness in the summer.

Anyway, I feel it is the hand of the nature. It is up to you to use it as a kind hand or a bitter hand.