Every Nine o’clock at Night

We headed into the rainy season earlier than usual this year. And without exception, rainy days brought pests like slugs and cutworms. They start to show up at nine o’clock every day. At eight o’clock they still stay under the ground, and after ten o’clock they go back underground.

So I go out onto my balcony every nine o’clock at night to catch them. Also I use rice bran and coffee grinds. The rice bran helps to attract cutworms at one time. The coffee grinds have a repels both slugs and cutworms.

This yucky work makes me feel bad in humid weather. So I prepared some herb teas like pepper mint, lemongrass and melissa to refresh myself. Now nine o’clock at night also means having a refreshing herb tea. Even yucky things are a chance to refresh myself.