Hot Water Bottle in Summer.

You may repeatedly experience over 15 degrees of a temperature change in a short time when you go in and outdoors throughout the day. It is very hard for your nervous system. Some people feel like zombies, because they feel that their bodies are boneless and do not have an ounce of strength.

In such cases, your organs deteriorate. Some organs like the liver can recover by warming up with a hot water bottle. During the summer, even if we get in a bath, we set the hot water temperature to around 38 degrees which is not enough to warm our organs.

So I recommend that you put a hot water bottle on your stomach for 15 minutes. Some of you may feel that your organs move around like a cat. Some of you will feel pain in your guts because your guts start to move and cause an urge to defecate. And some of you may feel a different type of sweating than just being hot. The hot water bottle makes you sweat a little bit, but it loosens your body. So it will be easier to feel relaxed.