To Create Natural Conditions Artificially

In most of Japan, there has been a deadly heat wave. I stayed in Shiretoko, Hokkaido for five days in the middle of July. Then after that, I jumped into an environment over 35℃ by jumping up 20℃. Hokkaido had a cooler summer than usual. I used over six hand warmers in Shiretoko.

Just as the rainy season was over in Nabari where I live, I arrived at Shiretoko, so I did not expect that such an extremely high temperature would await me in Nabari. The temperature in Shiretoko ranges from 8℃ to 28℃ in July, so it was hard to predict the right range of temperature.

Shiretoko’s weather was like April or March weather in Tokyo. So I used all the hand warmers which I had brought just in case. And also I wore rain gear more than I had planned. The rain gear helped me to keep me warmer. Only one day in five days was comfortable. But it was the last day of Shiretoko, so I enjoyed 35℃ weather from around 18℃.

After experiencing winter or spring weather almost for a week, our body needs some time to tune itself to such a super hot summer weaather. So that first week back was awful for me. I could not sleep well and eat well. But this opportunity gave me some new ideas to create natural conditions artificially.

In temperatures over 35℃, we need to use the air conditioner to survive. But also if we use it for a long time at a low temperature, it causes air conditioner sickness. So, first, I used the dehumidification function of the air conditioner for a few hours while imagining a hot day in autumn. Second, I propped up a silver camping groundsheet against the window which blocks out the sun. It covers only half of the windows, but this amazingly works! Of course, I sprinkle water on my window and balcony as usual.

To create natural conditions artificially, we need to think about the principles of how my room becomes hot. Remembering my science classes as a student has helped me a lot. It has awakened myself about the Earth’s environmentt and where I had stopped thinking about science as well as other things. Anyway, it made me see the silver lining.