In Japan, many companies are passionate about promoting diversity. But in fact, they don’t understand what diversity is. So they just pay lip service to diversity, like saying they want to increase the number of women executives.

For example, diversity includes being unmarried or married. It is one of the aspects of diversity. In Japan, people who ask if someone is unmarried or married, basically believe that being unmarried means being unhappy and being married means being happy. So in general, when people ask someone if they are unmarried or married, they imply that you are unhappy if you are single and you are hiding some problem which prevents you from marriage. Of course, some people ask simply out of curiosity. But amazingly, many people have this prejudice.

Unfortunately, it is crystal clear that there are few people who understand and live in diversity. And actually, we can see the same thing in other countries, not only in Japan. Before proclaiming your support for diversity, let’s make an effort to understand and live in diversity in your private life. So it is easier to bring it into your work.