I have been walking every two or three days. I have added swimming during the summer, but unfortunately the more I swim, the more my skin has been damaged beyond my daily skin care.  So now I have stopped swimming. This made me feel a bit down.

But anyway the weather has allowed me to go walking again.  So at least now I can pursue other ways to get physical strength. And I often wondered why people can’t find how to recover from physical fatigue. So,today I will share how I recover from tiredness after walking or swimming.

First, I prefer natural ways like eating bananas instead of looking to supplements. So after a workout, I usually have bananas and Japanese green tea which hydrate me according to Chinese medicine. It fits my constitution. After exercise and the following morning, I always eat much more than usual and need some protein like fish, tofu, pork or chicken. Chicken breast and pork, in particular, contain some ingredients which help us to recover from tiredness quickly. So I always keep them in my refregerator.

Second, after or before eating bananas, I take a foot bath for around 15 minutes. It makes me notice how my body is tired and have some pain. Even if it is a super hot day, after swimming, it works. But in this case, I use lukewarm water.

Third, I apply this body lotion which loosens my muscles: https://www.marienremedy.com/item/iris/stiffness.html . And I lie on the floor for a siesta for around 30 minutes.

At the end of the day after walking or swimming, I soak in the bathtub longer than usual. Sometimes I put montmorillonite powder which absorbs dirt. And after taking a bath, I use RHU aroma oil which strongly works for muscle pain: https://viearome.shop-pro.jp/?pid=34785347 . So this is the way I recover from exercise.

I hope this has been useful for you.