I have been annoyed with my skin disorder for over two weeks. I loved the feeling when I swim of how my shoulders could be free from the typical desk work position. I carefully chose a high-quality swimming pool, and at least it was much better than other pools which I had used. So it was bad news to me.

But there was a silver lining to my skin disorder. I had already known other ways to get cardiovascular exercise other than through swimming. One way was to order a custom mask which helps athletes simulate high altitude trainning. For some reason I had stopped ordering them over two years ago.

So the time had come. Finally I ordered it. I measured many parts of my face like from the top of my nose to the base of my nose. Now I am waiting for it. It takes about one month to create it. I hope it helps my exercise days with comfort.

Currently, we have had more disasters than before.  It makes us feel down and ignore the few signs of hope. But we always have creativity inside of us.

Creativity is one of the good aspects of humans. So please feel your creativity and always try to use it. When we have nothing, we start to believe that we have truly nothing. But you have creativity which flips darkness into light. It is time to use our creativity.