These days, we have had many more typhoons, earthquakes and other disasters. Under such situations, we need to pay attention to experiencing trauma from mass media. For example, even if you don’t experience a tsunami, when you see shocking images and videos for a long time, you may experience trauma as if you had gone through it.

To decrease the possibility of having a traumatic experience, firstly you should choose text information like newspaper or Twitter not TV or Youtube. It will help you to get appropriate information without having extra emotional pain.

Secondly, you should go camping or stay in the mountains with few things in your daily life. If you already experienced it, it will be easier to decrease your stress. And you can widen your insights and you will be able to take back your senses, which is sometimes much more clever and helpful than experts. Under traumatic situations, being in the outdoors will help you feel grounded in a familiar situation. It helps your mind calm down.

Thirdly, you should start working with coaches and therapists as regularly as you brush your teeth every day. If so you will know your fragility before experiencing disaster, and start to care for it. If we are unaware of our fragility, it increases the possibility of having feeling traumat.

Lastly, please remember that you don’t need to give up freedom to have peace of mind. You can have both. Both values help decrease the possibility of experiencing traumat.