Climate Change Wastes Time and Money

Up until ten years ago, I did not need to prepare so much for a typhoon, because typhoons came from the same direction. Always Okinawa was hit first and Honshu was hit second. Before the typhoon, I just needed to bring the stuff on my balcony into my apartment, and I stayed there until the typhoon left. So preparations for the typhoon was quite simple and I needed only about 15 minutes or so.

But this year, it seems that the Earth has passed the tipping point of climate change. Typhoons have become quite strong. If you live in Japan, you may remember how the recent typhoon impacted Osaka. Many people were injured by broken windows and lost their balcony because of strong life-threatening winds. And preparing for strong winds is much more difficult than preparing for rain.

Now we must prepare for life-threatening winds. So the day before the typhoon was quite hectic. I used more than one hour to reinforcing my windows. I bought many things for that. So in conclusion, climate change wastes time and money. I know that many people are interested in time and money. Even if you aren’t interested in climate change, please think about it from the perspective of time and money.