This autumn I felt that I needed to listen to music somehow. I listened to many kinds of music except funk when I was in my twenties. So I started to listen to famous funk music and I loved its big heart. But I did not vibe with it so much.

On one of my trips to Tokyo, I remembered that I briefly listened to tango music . It made me want to listen to tango again. I was on a bullet train, and searched about tango. By chance I found a movie about Astor Piazzolla who made a great contribution to tango music. I had not listened to his music. But I thought that I should go see this movie in Shibuya. At that moment, I felt that it was worth checking out.

In conclusion, his music was fantastic. It totally fit what I wanted. My ears never tuned out during the film. And it was different from the tango music which I already knew. Astor Piazzolla was the person who made new tango music. His tango straddled some elements of jazz and classical music.  Tango music is enthusiastic and earthy. His tango holds not only those elements but also mellifluousness, elegance and silkiness.

I felt that new door was opening. His tango is very inviting and guides me to explore this world more out of curiosity. This made my heart warm. And I am happy to complete this year seeing the world through this new door.